The Brand DO.RA. was created in 2020 from the collaboration with the set designer Dario Carlotto with whom we discovered to share a common passion for furniture accessories.

Thanks to this element, we had the opportunity to realize and begin to give shape to what until now was just an idea. These furnishing elements are born with the ambition and aspiration to adorn the environment with a unique and exclusive touch for both indoor and outdoor spaces, giving a perception of hospitality and color. 

Our goal is to make more people appreciate this project by showing them the various stages of craftsmanship with these few lines and a few images that anticipate what will always be a unique and custom-made product finished and handmade by the sculptor Dario Carlotto.

The passion, commitment, experience and special attention to every detail, the choice of materials used, the craftsmanship and hand finishing have allowed each element to become an exclusive and unrepeatable piece.