Collezione FoRMA by Simone Micheli

ForMa, the collection of vases/ sculptural signed by Simone Micheli brings with it the meaning of the word itself, the way in which an object appears outwardly, brings with it the soul of those who have shaped, thought, decorated. “Sinuosity, fluidity, harmony, simplicity, lightness. ForMa represents a perfect union between concreteness and abstraction, between dream and reality; tells a story of beauty through ergonomic geometries that transform it into work; expresses elegance, refinement. The collection through sinuous and fluid forms enclose an incessant motion, recalling to the mind harmonious and hypnotic rhythms. The emotional and symbolic value of the products are combined with the user experience through multi-sensoriality. The shapes thanks to the use of the material EPS – Sintered Expanded Polystyrene – a rigid, lightweight and inert material, evoke solidity and integrity. The reference to cyclicity, temporal and spatial, is conceptually inserted in the geometry of the vases characterizing the collection. Conceived not only as entities, they are transformed in time into real sculptural narratives.